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Lorent Lopez has lived all over the world, from Colombia to Israel to the US. When she landed here in San Diego over a decade ago, she knew that this was the right place to call her new home. That’s exactly what she wants to deliver for her clients; not just a house, but a home. She serves all of San Diego County, with a mission to find the perfect place for each of her clients.

She has a broad background in sales, ranging from various types of industries. From managing a team or increasing sales year as a company’s top sales agent, Lorent is determined to deliver the results you want and will go above and beyond in making sure that her client’s needs are heard and understood.

Further Information About Lorent

Lorent has traveled to many different countries, which has allowed her to experience different cultures and opening her mind everything this beautiful world has to offer. She is fluent in 3 different languages, including English, Spanish, and Hebrew. Lorent has a great interest in the art of interior design, with professional and experience in the field as well. With her natural eye for design and training in the field, she knows what sells.

Her top priority is the satisfaction of her clients and she rises above for each client to ensure the best possible results. Lorent is equipped with the optimal tools and background to give you the perfect home you’ve been searching for here in sunny San Diego County.




Many say Temecula is the luckiest place on earth to live. Locals that travel or those who have homes around the world can’t wait to come home to their ultimate serenity where spiritual wine mountains meet the sunny village of Temecula.


With so much beauty in this small town, one who doesn’t know better may think it sleepy. Slow to wake but always waking to live, Murrieta is a town that is always changing and growing. During summer, you may find yourself checking out the scene at Temecula Wine Area, which has one of the most spectacular sunsets on the west coast.


Farming and ranching were the mainstays of this area, once known as the Janal and Otay ranchos, Mexican land granted to José Antonio Estudillo. At 25,000 acres, Otay Ranch is nearly the size of San Francisco. Planning for the site began in the 1980s. More than 10,000 homes have been built since then with about 18,000 more to come. The first phase of the massive Eastlake development broke ...

San Diego

San Diego is often known as America’s finest city. Why? There’s more to see and more to enjoy than any other city. San Diego offers by far the most beautiful neighborhoods and allows both smooth and comfortable living. Going to work is convenient, even with a bustling city life and downtown area. The city overall continues to be more and more developed, allowing both the city and ...

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